Bronze Rods

We are leading and well recognized names in the field of offering Bronze Rods that find application in various core industries. Being of high quality, these P.B. Rods find usage in areas like in Gears, Pinions, Clips, Helical Torsion Springs, Heavy Duty Springs, Helical Extension Bellows, Chemical Hardware, Truss Wire, Perforated Sheets and Textile Machinery. Further, these Bronze Rods also have many applications that include commercial and architectural uses. Some of the other areas of usage of the commercial bronze include for electrical, hardware and industrial purposes. Made of copper and tin, it can also be used for applications like in fuse clips, switch parts, coinage, cymbals, springs, heavy duty fasteners, gears and other areas. Further, these are also used in architectural applications such as door fittings, bronze casement windows, hinges, architectural lettering, wall ties and more. We can offer these in sizes of diameters 5MM TO 125MM and in Lengths of 10 feet to 12 feet. Some of the other areas where these are used in include Bridge Bearing Plates, Thermostat Bellows, Power Conductor for Electro-Surgical Pencil, Cymbals, Coinage, Electronic Connectors, Electrical Flexing Contact Blades, Cold Headed Parts, Wire Brushes, Switch Parts, Fuse Clips, Fasteners, Lock Washers, Doctor Blades, Welding Wire, Clutch Disks, Sleeve Bushings, Pneumatic Hammers, Thrust Bearings, Pinions, Gears, Perforated Sheets, Textile Machinery and other areas.


Lead Bronze Rods

Coming from the bronze family Leaded Commercial Bronze C 314 is a standard alloy finding usage in areas like:

  • Hardware applications
  • Electrical applications
  • Fasteners
  • Industrial applications

Some of the areas these are used in include as:

  • Electrical connectors
  • Screws and nuts
  • Pickling crates
  • Fixtures and racks
  • These are also common in screw machine applications

Having excellent soldering capabilities, these have good capacity for being Cold worked and also have good brazing property. These have equivalent specifications of ASTM B140/ B140M (Copper Alloy UNS No. 31400) and reference specifications of Mil-V-18436.


Leaded Commercial Bronze
  • ASTM B 140 C31400

Phosphorus Bronze Rods

The Phosphorus Bronze offered by us are from the bronze family Phosphor Bronze, Being of type C 510 Phosphor Bronze (Grade A), these standard alloy finds usage in electrical applications. Further, these are also used in :

  • Fasteners
  • Industrial applications
  • Electrical connectors
  • Fasteners
  • Cotter pins & lock washers
  • Sleeve bushings
  • Welding rod
  • Springs
  • Perforated sheets and clutch disks

Meeting equivalent specifications of ASTM B139/ B139M, these also match reference specifications of SAE J461; SAE J463 and AMS 4625.

Here, we also offer C 544 Phosphor Bronze in Grade B that is a standard alloy and finds application in electrical and many industrial usages. Finding usage in electrical connectors, its excellent machine-ability makes these be used as –

  • Bushings
  • Gears
  • Pinions
  • Screw machine products
  • Thrust washers
  • Valve parts
  • Shafts

We can offer these with equivalent specifications of ASTM B139/ B139M and Copper Alloy as per UNS C54400 and reference specifications of SAE J461; SAE J463 and ASTM B103.


Phosphros Bronze
  • ASTM B103 C 51000
  • SAE J 463 C 51000
  • BS 2874 PB 102

Phosphor Bronze Wire


  • Cu (Min): 99.9%


Aluminium Bronze Rods

We are a leading and well recognized names in the field of offering quality finished range of Aluminum Bronze Rods that are as per BS:2872 CA-103, 104, ADM1076D, IS:10569/83, BS:1400AB1, AB2, IS:305 AB1. Also meeting the specifications as per IS 10569/05 NR. EQUIVALENT SPEC. BS 2872/86 CA103, ASTMBC62300, these are made available in annealed finish in sizes of 6 to 15, 15 to 50, 50 to 80 and 80 and above. These bronze rods have excellent capacity to be cold and hot formed and have machine-ability rating of 50%. Further, the rods have Forge-ability rating of 75 %, fair suitability for brazing and good welding capability.

Being corrosion resistant & non sparking alloy, some of the application uses of these bronze rods include

  • Oil refinery
  • Valves & fittings
  • For worm gears
  • Valve stems
  • High pressure valves


Aluminum Bronze
  • ASTM B 111 C60800
  • ASME SB 111 C 60800
  • EN 12451 CuAl5As
  • CW200G


Chemical Requirements
Copper Remainder
Aluminium 8.5 to 11.0%
Iron 4.0 to 6.0%
Nickel 4.0 to 6.0%
Manganese 0.50% max
Tin 0.10% max
Zinc 0.40% max
Silicon 0.10% max
Total Imp. Excl. Mn 0.50% max
Physical Properties
Condition Size T.S. MPa EL% Min
Annealed / As Manufactured 6 to 15
15 to 50
50 to 80
80 & above

Fabrication Properties

Capacity for being
Cold formed Poor
Hot formed Good
Machinability rating 30%
Forgeability rating 75%
Suitability for soldering Poor
Suitability for Brazing Fair
Suitability for welding Good
Excellent for corrosion resistant, Highest strength,Good wear and heat resistance, Like marine pump hardware & bearings, Valve guides & seats, Nuts, Shaft, Bolts & Threaded Parts for Ship building & power generation industries.

AB1 Aluminum Bronze Rods

AB1 Aluminum Bronze Rods is the most popular and all purpose high yield aluminium bronze Rods with high tensile strength, ductility, welding ability and resistance to wear, fatigue and deformation under shock or overload. The alloy is used while manufacturing bearings, gears, valve components, wear-plate and wear-strip in conformation with continuous cast specification ASTM B505 and centrifugal cast specification ASTM B271.

Typical Uses for AB1 Aluminum Bronze Rods :

  • Automotive: Weld Guns
  • Fasteners: Nuts, Large Hold Down Screws
  • Industrial: Pickling Hooks, Bearings, Pawl, Worm Gears, Machine Parts, Spur Gears, Heavily Loaded Worm Gears, Pump Parts, Landing Gear Parts, Valve Bodies, Valve Guides, Valve Seats, Bearing Segments for the Steel Industry, Pressure Blocks for the Steel Industry, High Strength Clamps, Bushings, Valves, Gears
  • Marine: Ship Building, Covers for Marine Hardware
  • Ordinance: Government Fittings

Equivalent Specifications :

Specifications Designation
Italy CuAl11Fe4

Chemical Composition :

Al Cu Fe Mn Ni
Min/Max 10.0-11.5 83.0 min 3.0-5.0 0.5 1.5
Nominals 10.8000 83.2000 4.0000

Silicone Bronze Rods

We are one of the leading names in the field of offering our customers Aluminium Silicon Bronze Rods. These are designed and developed as per ASTM-B150C66200 BS:2874C107 and IS 10569/05 NR. EQUIVALENT SPEC. ASTMBC66200. Featuring annealed finish, these bronze rods are made available in sizes of 6 to 15, 15 to 50, 50 to 80 and 80 and above. These rods also have excellent capacity for being Hot Formed and its machine-ability rating is 80%. Further, it has excellent suitability for soldering and brazing and finds application in applications like in Hot Forged Components, Gas Valves bodies, Gears and Marine hardware.


Aluminum Silicon Bronze
  • ASTM B 150 C 66200
  • SAE J 463 C 66200


Chemical Requirements CuAl7Si2
Copper Remainder
Aluminium 6.3 to 7.60%
Iron 0.30% max
Nickel 0.25% max
Manganese 0.10% max
Tin 0.20% max
Lead 0.05% max
Zinc 0.40% max
Silicon 0.10% max
Total Imp. Excl. Mn 0.50% max
Physical Properties
Condition Size T.S.Kg/mm2 EL% Min
Annealed / As Manufactured 6 to 15
15 to 50
50 to 80
80 & above

Fabrication Properties

Capacity for being
Cold Worked Not Suitable
Hot Formed Excellent
Machinability Rating 80%
Suitability for Soldering Excellent
Suitability for Brazing Good
Hot Forged Components, Gas Valves bodies, Gears, Marine hardware
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